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Ar-Rahman Haj Service

அர்-ரஹ்மான் ஹஜ் சர்வீஸ்

We are the Tamilnadu leading Haj Umrah and Ziyarat Tour operator with best service in travels. We has successfully established itself through unparallel standards in its quality of services...


We have evaluated and made intensive research in Hajj and Umrah field, focusing on providing best possible services to the performer. .

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Our mission is to provide tour groups with a wonderful and great personalised experience during their journey here.

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Haj service is a leading name in conducting Haj Umrah with Ziarath. This ziarath includes various historical place.

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Dubai is a very futuristic city with innovations and developments cropping up on the basis of ideas, which are quite ahead of their time.

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Turkey Tours are the most convenient way to see Turkey and get between all the highlights with everything booked for you. Hotels, transfers, tours.

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Happy Clients

  • I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the excellent service and co-operation I received from your colleagues in Jeddah, Madinah and Mecca. They were quite efficient and the required transport was available punctually at all the places and we were satisfied with their punctuality and service.

    Saadiq Tawfiq

  • Salam brothers and sisters, I was a very fortunate one who got to complete my Hajj with my husband in 2016. The whole experience of Hajj is incredible however Hilal Hajj is the next level! Our Sheikh is mashAllah amazing. Sheikh explains everything to you all at the right time. As cheesy as it sounds if I could do hajj every year I would no doubt choose to do hajj with Hilal hands down! Brothers and sisters, Hajj with Hilal is amazing! You will learn so much with sheikh and also have fun!”

    Mariam Hafez

  • Hilal Haj provided us with an amazing experience. The group leaders were extremely knowledgable, and made every effort to make us feel safe and comfortable in our journey. Even when things were out of their control, for example due to local traffic regulations, we were always informed and educated on how to best deal with these situations.

    Maqsood Khan

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